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Ducting system for easy installation of the Hydro-Mix XT

Hydronix has designed a system specifically for the Hydro-Mix XT moisture sensor that enables it to be easily inserted into new or existing ducting.

Manufactured from stainless steel, the Hydronix Ducting System ensures that a stable flow of material such as grain, rice and pulses is maintained across the Hydro-Mix XT sensor. The unit diverts a portion of the main flow of material across the measuring face of the sensor and is designed to be full and overflowing when the sensor is measuring. Each ducting system comes with three different sized outlet baffles which can be inserted to achieve a stable flow.

The ducting is available in two versions, enabling installation into either vertical ducting or ducting that is angled between 30° - 50° from the vertical. Installation is simple, just requiring a hole to be cut into the ducting where the Hydronix system is to be mounted. The vertical and angled ducting systems have options for installation into both square and round ducting.

Both systems have a material sampling point for sensor calibration purposes.

Hydro-Mix XT Microwave Sensor - Ducting System

Simple installation for the Hydro-Mix XT

Vertical and Angled options for the Hydronix Ducting System

Vertical and Angled Options