Hydro-Probe XT

Moisture sensor: For bins, chutes and conveyor belts


  • Moisture
  • Ambient temperature

Typical Materials:

  • Animal feed
  • Grain
  • Biomass
  • Organic material
  • Agricultural material

Unique Key Features:

  • Rugged, hard-wearing design for abrasive materials.
  • Simple installation in mixers and conveyors.
  • Choice of measurement modes for optimum sensor performance.

Belt conveyor

  • Mount on belt conveyors.

Beneath the Bin

  • Position below the bin gate in the main flow of the material.


  • Mount inside or under the hopper in the centre of the material flow.

Neck of the Bin

  • Fit in the neck of the bin.

Wide Bin

  • Mount using the extended mounting sleeve to access the centre of the material flow.
  • 0023 Hydro-Probe – Clamp Ring (for use with 0024A or 0024B)
  • 0024A Hydro-Probe – Flanged Mounting Sleeve (for vertical mounting of sensor, requires 0023)
  • 0024B Hydro-Probe – Flanged Mounting Sleeve in stainless steel (for vertical mounting of sensor, requires 0023)
  • 0025 Hydro-Probe – Standard Mounting Sleeve
  • 0026 Hydro-Probe – Extension Mounting Sleeve
Digital Technology
Digital technology provides precise, linear moisture measurement.
Advanced Digital Signal Processing
The sensor response may be adjusted remotely using the Hydro-Com software to minimise the effects of noise of the measured signal. Advanced Digital Signal Processing provides a clear signal with a rapid response.
Measurement Modes
Choice of measurement modes for optimising sensor performance in a variety of applications and material types (except Hydro-Probe).
Fully Temperature Compensated Measurement
The sensor internally adjusts for mechanical changes due to temperature fluctuations
Easy to Interface
Two analogue outputs and digital RS485 communications and configurable digital inputs / output make the sensor simple to integrate into a control system. Includes Modbus.
Fast Measurement
Measuring at 25 times per second, the sensor continuously detects changes in the moisture of the materials throughout processing.
Temperature Measurement
Temperature output is available to provide a readout of material temperature.
Accuracy of Measurement
All measurements can be calibrated to an accuracy of 0.2% for aggregates (0.1% in the mixer) and 0.5% for other materials.
Sensor Configuration
Sensors can be remotely configured using Hydro-Com diagnostic software or Hydro-View/Hydro-Hub. All readings and sensor parameters are available including the type of output and filtering characteristics.
The sensor may be internally calibrated using Hydro-Com software, or the linear output may be calibrated within the control system or remotely by using the Hydronix Hydro-View/Hydro-Hub interfaces.
Simple Power Requirements
The sensor may be powered from a 15-30V dc supply. Multiple sensors may be driven from a single power source.
Modbus to control system
Input / Output connections
Recommended field cabling:
  • Six pairs twisted (12 cores total) screened (shielded) cable with 22 AWG, 0.35mm2 conductors
  • Screen (shield): Braid with 65% minimum coverage plus aluminium/polyester foil
  • Recommended cable types: Belden 8306, Alpha 6373
  • Maximum cable run: 100m, separate to any heavy equipment power cables

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