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Our History

Established in 1982, Hydronix specialises in the research, development, and manufacture of digital microwave moisture measurement systems.

Hydronix takes great pride in ensuring that we offer personal and responsive customer support. We do this through a network of resellers across the world. All our partners are very experienced and fully trained in all aspects of our equipment, including installation, training, and support.

Hydronix is founded on four core values:

1. Commitment to excellence

Our commitment to excellence and quality covers every aspect of our business.

Hydronix products are designed for the harshest environments and built to last for many years.

Every sensor is accurate, reliable, durable and provides repeatable and consistent results for your final product.

Our commitment to excellence stems from our staff and associates, who are passionate about providing you with the best experience possible.

2. Innovation

Hydronix introduced the first microwave moisture sensors into the concrete industry in 1982.

The highly experienced UK-based research and development team is continuously focused on embracing the latest technologies to ensure our products remain innovative and maintain market-leading position.

3. Worldwide Expert Network

You are in safe hands, Hydronix is committed to delivering excellent service through our global network of expert partners.

Building on our traditional foundations, the Hydronix Family continues to grow through long-term relationships with our extended family of resellers including leading worldwide OEMs and local system integrators who can assist in your local language.

4. Research and Technology

Hydronix sensors are built around our unique digital measurement technology which we continuously refine to give the ultimate precision and stability.

Hydronix uses a bespoke system design to measure at the most appropriate frequency to detect changes in moisture level.

Our sensors are built around the latest microprocessor technology and fully configurable using Hydro-Com software.

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