Hydronix Video Library

The videos below are a collection of product trailers, and examples of Hydronix moisture sensors installed in different applications.

For further information on applications and installation, please contact us.

Concrete and Construction

Hydro-Probe Microwave Moisture Sensor on a Sand Conveyor
Hydro-Mix Moisture Sensor installed in a Hydro-Skid on a Sand Conveyor
Hydro-Probe Moisture Sensor installed under a Sand Bin
A Hydro-Probe sensor measuring moisture in aggregates underneath an aggregate bin
Measuring moisture on an asphalt conveyor with a Hydro-Mix moisture sensor
Hydro-Mix Sensor measuring moisture during clay extrusion in a brick factory
Moisture Measurement in a Planetary Concrete Mixer – Hydro-Probe Orbiter
Hydro-Probe Orbiter – typical mounting in a mixer
Measure moisture in crushed coal on a conveyor using the Hydro-Mix Sensor

Grains, Seeds and Nuts

Hydro-Mix sensor measuring moisture in a grain ducting system
Measure Moisture in Grain – Hydronix sensor installed in an en-masse conveyor
Measuring moisture in rice on a conveyor using a Hydronix Sensor

Paper Pulp

Hydro-Mix on a Hydro-Skid in wastepaper

Product Trailers

Hydro-Mix XT-EX, precision moisture sensor for industrial hazardous locations
Hydro-Mix HT-EX, High Temperature Sensor for industrial hazardous locations
Hydro-Mix XT-FS, flush mount, food safe digital microwave moisture sensor