Service & Warranty

We understand the cost implications of plant downtime and the requirement to act quickly in the event of failure. In order to provide customers with the best service and support available for our equipment, Hydronix offers a choice of Service Options which benefit both resellers and end-users.

Standard 2 Year Warranty

This is free of charge and is the standard warranty cover that Hydronix offers on all products. It provides cover against defects in workmanship and/or materials. All parts that prove to be defective during the period of warranty will be repaired or replaced and Hydronix will endeavour to return all repairs within 15 working days of receipt.

Cover is effective for 2 years from the invoice date from Hydronix and in addition, all repairs are covered by a further 6 months Warranty.

This warranty is invalid if damage occurs because of accident (such as damage caused by a lightning strike), improper handling, improper operation, abuse, misuse, Act of God, unauthorised repair or tampering or if the product has not been used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations.

This option provides all of the cover of the Standard Warranty together with an enhanced Service Replacement policy. The Extended 4 Year Warranty may be purchased retrospectively within 6 months of the initial date of invoice by Hydronix and extends cover to a total period of 4 years.

In the event of a unit failure, regardless of the cause, Hydronix will dispatch an immediate replacement unit anywhere in the world and will waive the Service Replacement charges and the associated shipping charges (excluding local duties and taxes) for the first unit returned.

In most cases faults that appear to be caused by the failure of a moisture sensor lie elsewhere in the mechanics, software or electrical parts of the system. Our warranty service replacement procedure ensures that customers receive a replacement unit at the earliest opportunity which helps engineers to quickly identify if the sensor is functioning correctly or alternatively search for the true cause of the fault in another part of the system.

Hydronix will dispatch an immediate replacement unit and will not charge for the service or the shipping costs (excluding local duties and taxes) if the fault is covered by any of the Hydronix Warranties. In the event of a returned unit not being classified as a warranty return i.e. as having suffered damage through misuse or accident, Hydronix will invoice the Service Replacement Fee, any associated shipping charges and for the repair costs for the returned equipment.

This chargeable option enables customers who have equipment that is no longer covered by the any of the Hydronix warranty options to benefit from an equivalent service and is applicable to units up to 5 years old from the date of invoice by Hydronix.

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