Bioenergy – Biomass Flow Sensors

Moisture is measured in the biomass flow, which can achieve many benefits, including reducing waste, saving costs, and improving production levels with a consistent final product. Controlling moisture throughout the process minimises downtime and improves the efficiency of the entire plant.

Typical Materials

  • Digestate
  • Sewage
  • By products
  • Organic waste

Key Benefits

Asset Utilisation

  • Increase overall equipment effectiveness
  • Reduce unplanned downtime


  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Save energy


  • Less waste
  • Consistent final products


  • Increase production yield through efficient use of material
  • Online instant monitoring eliminates manual testing


  • Reduce waste and energy
  • Automate processes

Return On Investment

  • Average ROI in 3 months
  • No need for expensive ongoing maintenance contracts

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