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Typical Examples for Mounting a Hydro-Mix Sensor

Planetary mixers

Hydro-Mix Sensor in a Planetary Mixer

The sensor is mounted in the base of the mixer

Turbo Mixers

Hydro-Mix Sensor in a Turbo Mixer

The sensor may be positioned in the base of the mixer, 2/3 distance from mixer centre to the side wall.

Single /Twin Shaft Mixers

Hydro-Mix Moisture Sensor in a twin shaft mixer

The Hydro-Mix is positioned on the upstroke of the blade, but where this is not possible a down stroke position is recommended. The sensor may also be mounted on the end-wall, opposite the motors.

Belt Conveyors

Hydro-Mix Moisture Sensor in the Hydro-Skid

The Hydro-Mix is installed in the Hydro-Skid and measures moisture as the sensor rides over the surface of material travelling along a conveyor belt.