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Digital Microwave Moisture Measurement for Concrete, Asphalt and Process Industries from Hydronix

Hydro-Probe digital microwave moisture sensorThe Hydro-Probe microwave moisture sensor has been designed for a variety of mounting options. The most typical installation is in or underneath a bin (silo) or above a conveyor or belt feed. These different options provide the installer with flexibility in determining the most suitable location for the sensor to be installed.

The Hydro-Probe should be mounted in the flow of material which must pass across the ceramic faceplate of the sensor. To ensure that the material flow is not obstructed and to prevent build up on the sensor face, the moisture probe should be installed at an angle of approximately 60 degrees to the flow of material. For installations where the silo is wide an extension mounting sleeve can be used.

The examples below show diagrams of typical mounting for the Hydro-Probe in a bin (silo) and a conveyor or belt feeder.

Full details regarding installation and calibration can be found in the User Guide. This is available for download in many different languages. Details for the extension mounting sleeve and other Hydro-Probe accessories can be found on the sensor acessories page.

Typical Examples for Mounting a Hydro-Probe Sensor

In the Neck of the Bin

Hydro-Probe fitted in the neck of a bin

Preferred position - the Hydro-Probe is fitted in the neck of the bin using a standard mounting sleeve.

Beneath the Bin

Sensor mounted beneath the bin

Where space is very restricted the Hydro-Probe may be positioned below the bin to avoid flow obstruction

Inside the Bin

Hydro-Probe fitted inside the bin

If the neck of the bin is narrow, the Hydro-Probe can be mounted in the bin using a standard mounting sleeve.

Angled for Narrow Neck Bins

Hydro-Probe in a narrow neck bin

The Hydro-Probe may be inclined down at an an angle when the neck of the bin is small.

Wide Bins

Hydro-Probe installed in a wide bin

The extended mounting sleeve will be required with wide bins to ensure that the Hydro-Probe face is in the flowing material.

Conveyors and Belt Feeders

Hydro-Probe mounted on a conveyor belt

The Hydro-Probe may be mounted on conveyors and belt feeders where there is a minimum material depth of 120mm

Vibratory Feeders

The Hydro-Probe may also be used with vibratory feeders.  Please contact our technical support team who will be pleased to provide further details