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Digital Microwave Moisture Measurement for Concrete, Asphalt and Process Industries from Hydronix

The Hydro-Probe XT microwave moisture sensor has a built-in choice of connection options using either analogue or serial. The RS485 serial interface allows up to 16 sensors to connect directly to a control system via a serial communications link. There are 2 analogue outputs which can be configured to 4-20mA, 0-20mA (0-10V), 1 configurable digital input and 1 configurable digital input / output. These different options provide the plant manager with the flexibility to select the most suitable method of connecting to their control system.

There are various options for interfacing between the sensor and the control system using a Hydronix approved Ethernet, USB or RS232/RS485 adapter. Alternatively, the Hydro-View moisture display can be used to provide real time on-line process measurements including both moisture and temperature. In it's simplest configuration the analogue output from the Hydro-Probe XT can be connected to a Scaleable Current Loop Display to display the current moisture.

Hydro-Probe XT Connection Options

Hydro-Probe Microwave Moisture Sensor - Network Connections Options

Input / Output Connections

Hydro-Probe moisture sensor for organic materials - input / output connection options


Hydronix supplies various cable lengths incorporating the required 10 way MIL-SPEC connector. This enables the sensor signal to be sent to a Control System or PC for configuration and calibration.

Recommended field cabling:

  • Six pairs twisted (12 cores total) screened (shielded) cable with 22 AWG, 0.35mm2 conductors
  • Screen (shield): Braid with 65% minimum coverage plus aluminium/polyester foil
  • Recommended cable types: Belden 8306, Alpha 6373
  • Maximum cable run: 100m, separate to any heavy equipment power cables