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Digital Microwave Moisture Measurement for Concrete, Asphalt and Process Industries from Hydronix
Hydro-Mix XT-EX Microwave Sensor - Dimensions

The Hydro-Mix XT-EX has been designed to measure moisture in flowing bulk solids such as animal feed, grain, rice, pulses and also in liquids. The sensor can be easily installed in ducting, conveying and mixing systems. It is suitable for Zone 20 process environments (Zone 21 external to process).


Body: 316 Stainless Steel.
Faceplate: Ceramic.
Internal Seals: EPDM FDA Approved O-Rings. Fixing Plate O-Ring: EPDM FDA Approved


The sensor is flush mounted with the internal wall of the installation using the included mounting assembly.

Measurement Range

Moisture: 0-100%, material dependant.
Depth: Approx. 75-100mm, material dependant.

Measurement Modes

Choice of modes for optimising sensor performance


Operating temperature range: -20-60°C Moisture detection range: 0-60°C

Refresh Rate

25 times per second

Analogue Outputs

Two configurable 4-20mA or 0-20mA current loop source available for moisture and temperature. May also be converted to 0-10V DC.

Digital Inputs/Output

Two configurable digital signals available for averaging and alarm functions.

Digital (Serial) Communication

Opto-Isolated RS485 2-wire port.
RS232, Ethernet and USB converters available. Programming details to access sensor values and parameters are available on request.


Pressure: 1 Bar Vacuum to 5 Bar pressure. Protection: Cable Gland IP68.

Integrated Cable

4m, six twisted pairs, 22AWG, 0.35mm2 conductors. Screen braid with 65% minimum coverage plus aluminium/polyester foil. Maximum recommended cable run of 100m.

Power Supply

+15V to +30V DC, 4W.


ATEX: Ex II 1/2D
IECEx: Zn 20/21 AEx ta/tb IIIC T200 115°C Da/Db
ETL: Cl II, Div 1/2Grps E, F, G T115°C