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Digital Microwave Moisture Measurement for Concrete, Asphalt and Process Industries from Hydronix

Hydronix was the first company to develop microwave moisture sensors specifically for use in the concrete industry and we are now recognised as the world leader in our field. With a focus on continued research and development and over 30 years experience, Hydronix has successfully introduced digital microwave moisture measurement into a broad range of other industries, both mineral and organic. Below are just a few of the key reasons why end users and system integrators should choose Hydronix as a partner.

  • Unique digital microwave measurement technique for ultimate precision
  • Unique sensor features such as the choice of digital measurement modes
  • Identical sensor measurement characteristics
  • Rugged design, built to last
  • Commitment to excellence through continued research and development
  • Global support in your local language
  • Outstanding warranty, support, service and repair

Hydronix Digital Measurement Technology

Since the development of the original Hydro-Probe microwave moisture sensor over 30 years ago, Hydronix has led the world in the field of moisture measurement. Unique to Hydronix, our digital microwave moisture sensors not only have a digital measurement technique which provides a very precise level of accuracy but also a choice of measurement modes that enable the user to select the mode best suited to their material.  Combined with Digital Signal Processing filters for improved performance and a variable frequency technique which is designed to operate in a bespoke range as opposed to an off-the-shelf frequency such as 433MHz or 2.4GHz, Hydronix sensors provide the user with the most accurate microwave moisture measurement available.  Further details on our digital technology can be found on the Hydronix technology page.

Identical Sensor Characteristics

During manufacture each sensor is factory calibrated to a standard Air and Water datum in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. This ensures that each sensor has identical measurement characteristics and allows material calibration data to be copied between sensors.

Hydronix Moisture Sensors - Built to Last

Hydronix digital microwave moisture sensors are built to last, and with many years experience designing sensors for the harshest of environments reliability, temperature stability and wear resistance is assured. Manufactured of stainless steel and with a ceramic faceplate, each sensor undergoes a series of rigorous tests before being sold. Many sensors have been in the field for upwards of 10 years without requiring a return-to-base service, meaning that they are extremely cost effective when compared with equivalent equipment.

Continual Research and Development Programme

It was Hydronix that introduced the first microwave moisture sensors into the concrete industry over 30 years ago and our continual product development has ensured that we have consistently remained at the forefront of technology. Our dedicated Research and Development team of experienced engineers based in our UK Head Office are committed to maintaining our market leading position through technological advancements ensuring that Hydronix sensors are not only extremely accurate but also easy to use.

Global Network

Hydronix is committed to delivering an excellent service to all of our customers. We achieve this by operating through a global distribution network of fully trained resellers. This ensures that both system integrators and end-users can purchase products locally and receive training, service, support and advice in their own language. Our sales team and experienced engineers and support staff work closely with our resellers and end-users to ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied with their investment in Hydronix equipment and we welcome feedback from our customers.

Outstanding After Sales Service

Hydronix understands the cost implications of plant downtime and the requirement to act quickly in the event of failure. Our products are covered by a choice of warranty options providing our customers with up to 4 years warranty and an immediate replacement service in the unlikely event of unit failure.  Further details can be found on our Warranty page.