20 October 2020

New Releases: Hydro-View and Hydro-Hub

Hydronix has been busy and is now releasing two products, both are available immediately:

Hydro-View (Model HV05)
Model HV05 replaces the previous Model HV04 which has been discontinued. The latest version has been updated to include the following features:
• Larger 10.1” widescreen LCD touchscreen colour display
• Brushed Stainless Steel body
• Standalone solution for display, configuration, calibration and diagnostics
• View up to 6 values on the main live display screen at one time
• Can be installed into existing RS485 sensor networks as a passthrough system
• Ethernet port for network connection
• Optional Fieldbus connection with support for Profibus and Ethernet/IP with other future options to come
• Calibration selection via Optional Digital Input module for working with multiple materials/recipes/formulations

Hydro-Hub (Model HH01) is the newest addition to the Hydronix product range, this device connects Hydronix sensors to Office and Fieldbus networks:
• Easy to install in new or existing systems
• Communicates with up to 16 sensors
• Ethernet Port with web browser interface / Web API
• Compatible with modern web browsers
• DIN Rail mountable
• Fieldbus connection option with support for Profibus and Ethernet/IP with other future options to come
• Calibration selection using optional digital inputs

Both new units are built around Hydro-Net which is the new software that is designed to allow network access to the sensors using a standard modern web browser.
• Web browser access to all screens
• Live display to view measurements of up to 6 sensors
• Calibrate Hydronix sensors remotely
• Log sensor data
• Sensor Configuration
• Diagnostics
• API access to sensor values
• Part of the Hydronix digital eco-system giving access to sensor networks from remote Hydro-Com clients for calibration, diagnostics and monitoring

We are proud to share that both the Hydro-View and Hydro-Hub are now shipping in eco-packaging made of recyclable cardboard.



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