3 October 2023

Hydronix releases new water controller for concrete production

Hydronix, the leader in digital microwave moisture measurement, is releasing the latest version of the Hydro-Control (model HC07), a 10.1” touchscreen water controller compatible with the Hydro-Mix and the Hydro-Probe Orbiter.

The Hydro-Control is a stand-alone unit designed to accurately add water into a mixer, including weighed, metered, and timed methods. Different operating modes can be chosen for each recipe, enabling the most suitable option to be selected. Over 99,000 recipes can be stored.

Hydronix Hydro-Control (HC07)

The latest release of the Hydro-Control enables connection to a control system via ethernet, WEB API or an RS232 serial link.  It is now possible to secure remote access through a web browser.

Neal Cass, Sales Manager at Hydronix, explains that “at Hydronix, we understand our customers’ challenges and data connectivity is becoming vital. We have updated the Hydro-Control with connectivity in mind, and the updated unit provides a flexible connection to control systems and PC.”

The Hydro-Control (HC07) has been designed for simplicity of use and integration; the colour display clearly indicates the mix cycle status with a continuous graphical display of moisture content. The touchscreen interface completes the intuitive look and feel of the unit. The Hydro-Control stainless steel body mirrors the other interfaces already available, such as the Hydro-View.

Neal Cass concludes that “the Hydro-Control uses a Linux OS and has had a major overhaul of its user interface whilst remaining familiar to existing Hydro-Control VI users. It’s more intuitive and easier to use. It was important to us that our customers have a better experience with the unit and that the look and feel are like our other products.”

Further information can be found on our website: https://www.hydronix.com/products/hydro-control/

Fran Buchmann-Dinis

Fran Buchmann-Dinis

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