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Digital Microwave Moisture Measurement for Concrete, Asphalt and Process Industries from Hydronix

The Hydronix Thermo-Tuff is a fast response, high precision, linear temperature sensor for use in industrial processes. Designed for measurement in bulk materials and mixing applications, it is especially suited for use in the harshest of environments such as concrete mixers and aggregate bins.

This sensor outclasses its rivals by taking advantage of high speed, high accuracy electronics, thermally isolated from their surroundings to achieve the fastest possible temperature response. Typical applications for the Thermo-Tuff include sand, cement, concrete, asphalt and aggregates.

Features of the Thermo-Tuff

  • Installed Time to 90% (T90), industry leading 56 seconds
  • Easy to install with a choice of fixing options; a mounting collar for mixers and an extension mounting sleeve for aggregate bins.
  • 4-20mA linear output for easy connection to all control systems.
  • 0-80°C temperature range.
  • Rugged, compact and self contained design.
  • Low Cost.

Standard Mounting Collar for Temperature Sensor

Standard Mounting Collar

Mounting Sleeve for Temperature sensor

Extension Mounting Sleeve and Collar