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Digital Microwave Moisture Measurement for Concrete, Asphalt and Process Industries from Hydronix

Originally developed for use in the concrete and aggregates industry, Hydronix moisture measurement sensors are now used across a wide range of other process control industries. For applications where moisture levels are critical to the consistency and quality of the finished product, such as animal feed, grain, biomass and other organic materials, Hydronix sensors have been proven to be both extremely accurate and reliable. Installed in mixers, chutes, conveyors and bins, or designed as an integral component in a third party system, Hydronix moisture sensors will give years of accurate and reliable service.

Moisture / Brix Sensors

Microwave sensor for measuring moisture in bins, chutes and conveyor belts

Digital sensors for accurate moisture measurement in bins, mixers, chutes, conveyor belts or pressurised vessels.


Controls, Displays & Interfaces

Hydronix Moisture Control and Moisture Display

Water control systems, moisture displays and interface units for easy system integration.


Temperature Sensor

Fast response temperature sensor for harsh environments

Fast response temperature sensor for mixers and bins.



Hydro-Com software for Hydronix sensors

Software to configure, maintain and calibrate Hydronix microwave moisture sensors.