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Hydro-View for Calibration, Configuration and Display of Moisture Parameters

The Hydro-View IV has been designed so that it can either be integrated into a new or existing control system or can be used as a stand alone unit with Hydronix sensors. Using a standard RS485 connection, material calibration, operating parameters and sensor diagnostics can be easily upated through the Hydro-View touch screen interface.

The unit should be mounted in a control panel using the supplied mounting bracket, but where this is not possible, it should be fitted into the optional Wall Mounted Enclosure.

Connection is straightforward using the RS485 connection from the Hydro-View to a Hydronix sensor and up to 16 sensors may be connected at a time. A 4-20mA cable connects the sensor to the control system if used.

Hydro-View Connectivity Diagram to Hydronix Sensors