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Moisture displays for Hydronix Sensors

The Hydro-View provides a simple interface to view Hydronix sensor data in addition to sensor configuration, diagnostics, calibration and data collection. The Hydro-View can be used either as a stand alone unit for recording sensor data or integrated into a control system.

The Hydro-View connects a network of up to 16 Hydronix sensors with multiple systems simultaneously. Connections can be made using TCP/IP, existing RS485 networks implementing the Hydro-Link Protocol or through the Fieldbus option.

The Hydro-View has a 10.1” touch screen for local configuration and viewing and features a built in web server with a web API for machine data requests. Its web browser interface gives it the flexibility to be used with tablets and PCs when a remote connection is required. For systems that have already implemented the Hydro-Link protocol, the Hydro-View adds the full functionality of Hydro-Com software via the web browser interface.

Hydro-View elevations


  • 10.1” touchscreen
  • Easy to install in new or existing systems
  • Simple to integrate into Hydronix networks
  • Live display to view measurements of up to 6 sensors
  • Communicates with up to 16 sensors
  • Ethernet Port with web browser interface / Web API
  • Calibrate Hydronix sensors
  • Log sensor data via USB
  • Live sensor diagnostics
  • Sensor configuration
  • Optional - Fieldbus connection
  • Optional - Calibration selection using digital inputs
Hydro-View Screen Bezel

Screen Bezel

Hydro-View Live Data Display

Live Data Display