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Digital Microwave Moisture Measurement for Concrete, Asphalt and Process Industries from Hydronix
Hydro-Probe XT digital microwave moisture sensor

The Hydro-Probe SE microwave moisture sensor has been designed for use in higher temperature environments or to be installed into a pressurised vessel.

The Hydro-Probe SE measures the material passing in front of the ceramic faceplate. It should be mounted so that the moving stream of material passes across the ceramic faceplate of the sensor and away from areas of extreme turbulance, and is typically installed in the side of a vessel or pipeline. Installation is simple requiring a hole to cut into the side of the vessel and a mounting boss pressure welded to it. The Hydro-Probe SE is then secured using a gasket and the built-in flange creating a presure tight seal. Hydronix always recommends that because of the high pressure nature of the containers that any work undertaken to the vessel is carried out within manufacturers guidelines.

The examples below show diagrams of typical mounting for the Hydro-Probe SE in a pressurised vessel and in a pipline.

Full details regarding installation and calibration can be found in the User Guide. This is available for download in many different languages. Details for the Hydro-Probe SE accessories can be found on the associated products page.

Typical Examples for Mounting a Hydro-Probe SE Sensor

In a Pressurised Vessel

Hydro-Probe fitted in the neck of a bin

The Hydro-Probe is fitted in the side of the vessel away from areas of turbulance.

In a Pipeline

Sensor mounted beneath the bin

The Hydro-Probe SE may be installed into a pipeline but the chamber should remain completely full at all times to ensure optimum results.