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Digital Microwave Moisture Measurement for Concrete, Asphalt and Process Industries from Hydronix
Hydro-Control (HC07) - moisture control unit for concrete production

The Hydro-Control (HC07) is a small unit designed for the accurate addition of water into a mixer. It works in conjunction with Hydronix Hydro-Mix and Hydro-Probe Orbiter moisture measurement sensors. The Hydro-Control (HC07) can be used as a direct replacement for a Hydro-Control VI unit.

Operating Modes

Different operating modes can be chosen for each recipe enabling the most suitable option to be selected.

  • AUTO Mode - this mode has been designed to progressively add water until the target moisture has been achieved.
  • CALC Mode - this mode calculates the amount of water required to be added based on a moisture value taken from the dry materials in the mixer.


99,000 recipes can be stored, which may be selected locally via the keypad or remotely using RS232 serial communication from a plant PC.

Mix Information

Enhanced mix information enabling detailed mix analysis is available from the mix log. It is also possible to view the moisture change over time for every mix.


The Hydro-Control (HC07) has been designed to work with all common forms of water addition to a mixer including weighed, metered and timed methods. A configurable mix cycle can be used to suit different aggregate / additive combinations.

Easy Data Management

Upgrade, Backup and Restore via USB memory stick.

Display Information

Hydro-Control Mix Cycle

The intuitive 10.1" LCD colour display touch screen provides a continuous graphical display of moisture and mix cycle status. Other screens include I/O configuration, sensor diagnostics and configuration, mix log information and many others.

System Interfacing

The Hydro-Control (HC07) will operate as either (1) a stand alone system where the mix cycle is started and reset using the touch screen or (2) as an integral part of a fully automated system using digital I/O and / or RS232 commands for controlling the mix sequence steps, i.e. start/stop, cement in etc.

Multiple Languages

The Hydro-Control (HC07) is easy to configure for operation in many different languages. See our languages page for details of the languages the unit is currently available in.