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Digital Microwave Moisture Measurement for Concrete, Asphalt and Process Industries from Hydronix

The Hydro-Control (HC07) is a stand alone unit designed for moisture control in concrete production. In addition to the RS485 input from either a Hydro-Mix or Hydro-Probe Orbiter moisture sensor, the Hydro-Control (HC07) also has 5 digital inputs and 7 digital outputs which are used to control the functionality of the unit. It can be connected to a batch control system via an RS232 serial link to allow automatic recipe selection or the transfer of mix cycle information. An optional expansion board is available which allows recipe selection via digital inputs and provides 2 analogue inputs and 2 analogue outputs.

Moisture Control in Concrete Production - connections for the Hydro-Control

These are Hydronix recommended connections for moisture control

Digital Inputs (5)

  • Start / Resume
  • Cement In
  • Pause / Reset
  • Water Meter Pulse Input
  • Water Tank Full

Digital Outputs (7)

  • Coarse Valve
  • Fine Valve
  • Admix
  • Prewet Done
  • Mix Complete
  • Alarm
  • Water Tank Fill

Optional Expansion Board I/O

  • Analogue input for weighed water weigh scale
  • Analogue input for temperature sensor
  • Digital inputs for recipe selection
  • Analogue outputs for future upgrade path