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Hydro-Com moisture calibration and configuration software

Hydro-Com Software has been designed to work with the latest Hydronix sensors enabling you to configure and calibrate your sensors from anywhere in the World. It is an easy to use, scalable solution, suitable for a single engineer monitoring a single installation to global producers with many plants worldwide.

The new Hydronix QuickStart calibration option in Hydro-Com allows you to pre-select a material type to get you up and running quickly. To obtain the maximum accuracy that you would expect from the World's most popular sensor Hydronix still recommends using our precision calibration method which has also been simplified.

Connection between Hydro-Com and a sensor is over an RS485 network using a PC with a USB or Ethernet connection or with an RS232 adapter.

  • Access, control and monitor any sensor from anywhere in the world
  • Centralise quality management and reduce costs
  • Multi-language, easy to use interface

Using a standard file explorer format and available in multiple languages, the latest version of Hydro-Com, has been designed using the .NET framework technologies to ensure full compatibility with Windows operating systems. At its basic level, Hydro-Com can be used to backup and restore sensor settings and to create a database of material calibrations for use with the sensor. However it can also be used by engineers to diagnose errors or upgrade sensor firmware.

Single or multiple sensors can be logged using the trending and logging section. Once a sensor is selected it is possible to graphically display any output variable and also log the data to a XML file (compatible with Microsoft Excel).

The Live Display section in the software shows the status of any selected sensor. Multiple sensors can be displayed at the same time. A separate display can be opened to show more than one variable from each sensor or multiple sensors simultaneously.

For engineers that are in control of multiple sites, Hydro-Com has a filing system that will store all the settings of any sensor they have connected to in a database. Sensors can be organised by company and site, and contact details for site personnel can also be stored. This will enable engineers to easily and quickly review the last known calibration data and compare it with the current data to identify errors or improvements made to calibrations.

Hydro-Com is available free of charge from the downloads page. We would also recommend that you download the User Guide at the same time.

Hydro-Com is designed to run on PC compatible machines running Microsoft Windows ≥ XP and newer. For customers operating with older Windows operating systems please contact our technical support team.

Trending and Logging Data

Trending and Logging Data

Live Display

Live Display