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Digital Microwave Moisture Measurement for Concrete, Asphalt and Process Industries from Hydronix

The videos below are some examples of Hydronix moisture sensors installed into different applications and different locations. For further information on applications and installation please contact us.

Concrete and Construction

Hydro-Probe Microwave Moisture Sensor on a Sand Conveyor

Hydro-Mix Moisture Sensor installed in a Hydro-Skid on a Sand Conveyor

Hydro-Probe Moisture Sensor installed under a Sand Bin

A Hydro-Probe sensor measuring moisture in aggregates underneath an aggregate bin

Measuring moisture on an asphalt conveyor with a Hydro-Mix moisture sensor

Hydro-Mix Sensor measuring moisture during clay extrusion in a brick factory

Moisture Measurement in a Planetary Concrete Mixer - Hydro-Probe Orbiter

Hydro-Probe Orbiter - typical mounting in a mixer

Measure moisture in crushed coal on a conveyor using the Hydro-Mix Sensor

Grain and Rice

Hydro-Mix sensor measuring moisture in a grain ducting system

Measure Moisture in Grain - Hydronix sensor installed in an en-masse conveyor

Measuring moisture in rice on a conveyor using a Hydronix Sensor


Hydro-Mix on a Hydro-Skid in wastepaper