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Digital Microwave Moisture Measurement for Concrete, Asphalt and Process Industries from Hydronix

Established in 1982, Hydronix specialises in the research, development and manufacture of digital microwave moisture measurement systems. Our products are used to reduce manufacturing costs and to improve the quality of the finished product and with over 65,000 sensors installed worldwide Hydronix is the recognised world leader in microwave moisture measurement.

Hydronix has been involved in many prominent projects where controlling moisture has been critical and some of these are listed below. Our applications page lists a number of other successful applications using Hydronix equipment.

  • Great Man-Made River, Libya (1990)
  • The new Hong Kong Airport, Hong Kong, (1998)
  • Malmö Tunnel and Bridge, Denmark, (1995-1999)
  • Rion-AntiRion bridge in Greece (1999)
  • Olkiluoto nuclear power plant, Finland (2005)
  • Longtan Dam, China, (2005)
  • Freedom Towers, New York, USA (2006-2012)
  • Heathrow Terminal 5 (2008)
  • Flamanville – Nuclear power generation plant 3rd generation in France (2007)
  • World Cup Stadium, South Africa (2010).
  • Panama Canal extension, Panama (2012)
  • Olympic Cross City Railway, England, (2012)

Hydronix remains a family company and we take great pride in ensuring that we offer personal and responsive customer support. We do this directly and also through a network of resellers across the world. All of our resellers are very experienced and fully trained in all aspects of our equipment, including installation, training and support. This enables Hydronix to provide advice and support to all of our OEM and end user customers in their own language. In addition we have translated our documentation and software as well as our supporting sales literature into many languages to ensure that we offer a truly global service.

Hydronix supports local charities

Hydronix places great emphasis on working closely as a team both within our organisation and also with our partners and customers. Each member of our team plays an important role in making sure that Hydronix continues to provide a world class service in every aspect of our business. All of our staff have been chosen because of their experience in their individual fields, whether this is in specific applications, product development, administration, sales or technical support.  The most important value at Hydronix is the ability to work together as a team and this extends from senior management through to all staff, both inside and outside the office.

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