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Hydronix has a range of accessories for its digital moisture sensors and water control systems to assist with installation and connection. Some of our most popular options are listed below. Further information and details of other items can be provided by your local distributor or by contacting your local Hydronix office.

Hydro-Com Configuration Software


Free software for configuration and calibration of Hydronix sensors. More...

Ethernet Adapter for Hydronix digital microwave moisture sensors

Ethernet Adapter

Connect and network Hydronix microwave sensors and controls across an Ethernet connection. More...

USB Sensor Interface Module for Hydronix sensors

USB Sensor Interface Module

Interface unit between a Hydronix sensor and a pc. More...

RS232 (KK) Connector

RS232 (KK) Connector

Connecting one or more sensors to a PC for use with the Hydro-Com protocol requires a suitable RS232-RS485 connector. Hydronix supply a convenient unit which will mount directly onto a 9-pin COM port connector

Sensor Cables


Hydronix sensor cables come pre terminated with a MIL-Spec connector and are 6 twisted pair.  They are available in 4, 10 and 25m lengths and come complete with a high precision resistor for providing the analogue voltage output.

Extension Mounting Sleeves for Hydro-Probe

Mounting Sleeves

Different mounting sleeves are available for installation in different width bins and silos.

Flange Mounting Sleeve for Vertical Installations

Flange Mounting Sleeve

For vertical installations

Clamp Ring for Hydro-Probe Microwave Sensor

Clamp Ring

For mounting the Hydro-Probe

Ceramic Replacement Kit for Hydro-Mix

Replaceable Ceramic Kit

Hydro-Mix digital sensors have been designed with replaceable ceramics for cases of extreme wear or breakage

Clamp Ring for Hydro-Mix Microwave Sensor

Clamp Ring

Adjustable Clamp Ring for mounting the Hydro-Mix.
Note: these are supplied with all new sensors.

Hydro-Skid mounting option for the Hydro-Mix moisture sensor


The Hydro-Skid is a mounting device designed to enable a Hydro-Mix moisture sensor to ride over the surface of flowing material on a belt conveyor. Measurements are then taken by the sensor as the material passes underneath.

Replaceable arms for the Hydro-Probe Orbiter

Replaceable Arms

The Hydro-Probe Orbiter has been designed to have easily replaceable arms. These come in 560mm, 700, 1200mm and 1520mm lengths (measurement from top of head unit to bottom of arm)

Hydro-Probe Orbiter with arm guard

Hydro-Probe Orbiter Arm Guard

Easy to replace wear sleeve to provide extended life for the sensor arm

Wear rings to protect the head of the Hydro-Probe Orbiter

Protection Rings

Protection rings available in ceramic or steel for extra protection on the replaceable sensing arm.

Rotating Connector for the Hydro-Probe Orbiter

Rotating Connector

Rotating unit for connecting cables to the Hydro-Probe Orbiter in static pan mixers

Hydro-Control Enclosure

Wall Mounted Enclosure

Steel, wall mounted enclosure for Hydro-Control unit, IP66 (NEMA4). Includes DIN rail, trunking and pre-cut holes for the Hydro-Control and the Panel Mount USB socket

Hydro-Control Enclosure

Control Cabinet

A wall mount enclosure with integral 30 watt power supply. Supplied with pre-cut holes for the Hydro-Control and 1 Panel Mount USB Socket. Terminal connectors are pre-wired to terminal blocks for easy connection of site cabling to the control system. Excludes cable glands for site cables.

Power Supply

24VDC 1.25A (30W) to power the Hydro-Control and sensor if attached.

Input / Output modules for the Hydro-Control

Digital Input and Output Modules

A variety of digital input and output modules are available for the Hydro-Control. Please contact our technical support team for further information.

Expansion Board

An optional expansion board is available which allows recipe information to be sent via digital I/O connections. The board also has analogue I/O which is required for weighed water applications and the Hydronix Thermo-Tuff temperature sensor.

Hydro-Control Panel Mount USB Kit

Panel Mount USB Socket

To extend the Hydro-Control USB port to the control panel for ease of data transfer. Includes 1.5m USB Cable

Hydro-Com - Moisture Sensor Software from Hydronix

Software Upgrades

Software upgrades are available as a downloadable file which can be transferred to the Hydro-Control using a USB memory stick. If you wish to upgrade your software please visit our Downloads page.