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LED Moisture Display

The Scaleable Current Loop Display is a simple and cost effective method of displaying the moisture output from a single moisture sensor without the need to integrate with a control system.

Using the sensor's analogue loop, the unit can be configured to show the entire moisture range for a given application. Displays include Moisture %, Average Moisture % or sensor unscaled values depending on the configuration. The Scaleable Current Loop Display is simple to set up and configure using the keypad on the front panel.

Hydronix sensors must be configured to use this device and this requires the use of Hydro-Com running on a Windows 2000 or later PC and a RS485 converter such as the Hydronix USB Interface Module (SIM01) or Ethernet Adapter.


  • Mountable in a control panel to IP65 protection rating
  • Operating range: 0-50 degrees C
  • Power: 15-30VDC
  • LED digital display
  • Simple, versatile configuration